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Water Infiltration Testing and Repair

Coit Tower
San Francisco, CA
Water leaks and water penetration are among the most frequent types of building failures, yet locating the source of water entry can be difficult without destructive investigations.

Interactive Resources offers the capability for on-site testing of water infiltration problems. Available for use in identifying entry points is a portable Water Infiltration Test Assembly, one of a limited number in use in California. This equipment enables the firm to quickly perform complex on-site technical investigations locating sources of water infiltration in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

The test procedure involves the sealing of a room to devise a test chamber, and the creation of a vacuum within the chamber. Specially calibrated equipment for the manipulation of air and water pressure and wind velocity differentials is used while spraying water on the exterior building surfaces. With this equipment, hidden sources of leaks can be quickly identified and appropriate repairs designed.

Representative Projects


825 Renovation - Office Building Renovation; Hercules,CA
Forensic Investigation & Repair - Bella Vista at Hilltop; Richmond,CA
Building Fa├žade Water Intrusion Invesigation - Santa Ana Federal Building; Santa Ana,CA
Weatherization & Mack Facility Reroof - AC Transit General Office Building; Oakland,CA
Roof Repair - Buena Vista Gardens; Sonoma,CA
Coit Tower - Historic Restoration and Rehabilitation; San Francisco,CA
West Plaza Water Intrusion Feasibility Study - Frank Hagel Federal Building; Richmond,CA
Hercules Middle/High School - Leak Investigation and Repair; Hercules,CA
North Beach Malt House - Investigation and Repair Design; San Francisco,CA
801 and 851 Traeger - Water Infiltration Testing and Repair; San Bruno,CA
Roof Repair & ADA Upgrades - Lytton Springs Winery; Healdsburg,CA
Candlestick Park - Structural Investigation and Repair; San Francisco,CA
Seismic Retrofit & Emergency Repairs - Mirasol Condominiums; San Francisco,CA
Ocean Beach Condominiums - Ongoing Investigations and Repairs; San Francisco,CA
Montgomery-Washington Towers - Investigation, Diagnosis and Repair Design; San Francisco,CA
490 California Street - Water Infiltration Testing; Palo Alto,CA
Fillmore Center - Diagnosis and Repair Design; San Francisco,CA
2027 Market Street - Construction Defect Investigation; San Francisco,CA
Capital Terrace Condominiums - Investigation and Design Repair; San Francisco,CA
Lincoln Village Apartments - Investigation and Repair; Larkspur,CA
1401 Lakeshore Drive - Alameda County General Services Building; Oakland,CA
Best Plaza - Investigation and Repair Recommendation; Pleasanton,CA
City Center Plaza Condominiums - Investigation and Water Infiltration Testing; Oakland,CA
Ortho Research Center - Building Evaluation and Report; Richmond,CA
Orchard Properties 611 - Water Infiltration Testing & Repair; San Jose,CA
Silvercrest Apartment Complex - Investigation and Repair Design; San Francisco,CA
State of California Health Services Facility - Water Infiltration Testing & Repair; Richmond,CA
Fitch Mountain Elementary School - Water Intrusion Repairs; Healdsburg,CA
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Water Infiltration Testing and Repair

Candlestick Park
San Francisco, CA

Montgomery-Washington Towers
San Francisco, CA