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Feasibility Studies

Merced Public Works Corp. Yard Expansion Study & Design
Merced, CA
Interactive Resources conducts feasibility studies to determine maximum utilization and physical limitations of existing and potential facilities and sites, the functional requirements of the occupants, evaluate alternatives, prepare project schedules and cost estimation, among other factors. During this process, we consider issues such as size, zoning requirements, parking, historical significance, site cost, and proximity to related facilities or sites.

We then prepare a comprehensive report that explores in detail options such as renovation or expansion of the existing facility, expansion into an adjacent existing facility, or expansion into a completely new facility on a new or existing site.

We have conducted numerous feasibility studies as part of our indefinite quantity contract with the U.S. General Services Administration, such as exploring possible alternatives for meeting increasing FBI requirements at the Wilshire Boulevard Federal Building in Los Angeles.

Representative Projects


Merced Public Works Corp. Yard Expansion Study & Design - City of Merced; Merced,CA
Program Development Study - Honolulu Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse; Honolulu,HI
Program Development Study - 50 United Nations Plaza Federal Building; San Francisco,CA
Program Development Study - James C. Corman Federal Building; Van Nuys,CA
Building Fa├žade Water Intrusion Invesigation - Santa Ana Federal Building; Santa Ana,CA
Feasibility Study - Ferry Point; Point Richmond,CA
West Plaza Water Intrusion Feasibility Study - Frank Hagel Federal Building; Richmond,CA
GSA U.S. Courthouse - Site Suitability Study; Bakersfield,CA
MMWD Master Plan & Programming Study - Marin Municipal Water Dist.; Marin County,CA
Robert F. Peckham Federal Bldg. & Courthouse Feasibility Study - GSA; San Jose,CA
GSA U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building Master Plan and PDS - GSA; Sacramento,CA
Concord Naval Station Bldg. IA-10 Renovation - United States Navy; Concord,CA
GSA U.S. Courthouse Feasibility Study - General Services Administration; Tucson,AZ
Berkeley Aquatic Park Development Feasibility Study - City of Berkeley; Berkeley,CA
Richmond Ford Motor Co. Plant Evaluation & Analysis - City of Richmond; Richmond,CA
GSA U.S. Treasury Department Old Mint Bldg. PDS - GSA; San Francisco,CA
GSA Wilshire Boulevard Federal Building Feasibility Study - GSA; Los Angeles,CA
GSA U.S. Geological Survey Campus Bldgs 1 and 2 PDS - GSA; Menlo Park,CA
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Feasibility Studies

Program Development Study
Honolulu, HI

Program Development Study
San Francisco, CA