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Design Review

Westlake Center
Seattle, WA
As an adjunct to the firm’s diagnostic and forensic architecture and engineering services, Interactive Resources routinely provides pre-construction third party design reviews (sometimes called "peer reviews”) of projects for developers, lenders and prospective purchasers.

The purpose is to search for characteristics that may result in failure of some component, such as water intrusion, structural overstress or excessive maintenance costs. Sometimes these reviews are limited to a single component or system, such as an architectural evaluation of the building envelope weatherproofing design. Other times, they may encompass the entire building and include the review services of each discipline within the design team, such as landscape architects, acoustical engineers, mechanical engineers, etc.

Typically, design reviews are followed by meetings or other communication with the project architects and engineers of record and the owner or prospective owner to discuss and resolve various issues. Sometimes, they are followed up by visits to the construction site to review and critique critical phases of construction, such as the installation and flashing of exterior doors and windows.

Developers have increased their utilization of design review and field review services in an attempt to head off expensive and time consuming construction defect investigations, therefore identifying and correcting potential problems while they are still on paper.

Representative Projects


Chabot Community Day School Campus - Structural Survey & Shade Structures; Oakland,CA
One Waterfront Plaza - Design and Construction Review; Honolulu,HI
Westlake Center - Design and Construction Review; Seattle,WA
3Com Corporate Offices - Construction Document Review; Redwood City,CA
Fitch Mountain Elementary School - Water Intrusion Repairs; Healdsburg,CA