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Construction Review

One Market Plaza
San Francisco, CA
Interactive Resources offers complete construction review services, including independent analysis of the design of building system components; observation of construction for conformance with drawings, specifications and status of work; and a completion review to assure that the building has been constructed in conformance with all applicable provisions.

We have provided construction review services for the Audiffred Building and United Nations Plaza in San Francisco, and the Kahala Mall and One Waterfront Plaza in Honolulu, among others.

Pre-Acquisition & Refinancing Review

Interactive Resources provides building purchasers and lenders with an independent assessment of the condition of existing buildings prior to purchase to identify potential problems, code violations and building components requiring modification or upgrade. For resale property, our firm will evaluate the condition of the building and provide a report that describes the property, outlines observations and photographically documents the structure and any related problems.

Representative Projects


Ocean Beach Condominiums - Ongoing Investigations and Repairs; San Francisco,CA
One Market Plaza - Construction Review; San Francisco,CA
One Waterfront Plaza - Design and Construction Review; Honolulu,HI
Westlake Center - Design and Construction Review; Seattle,WA
Microsoft Corporate Headquarters - Construction Review; Redmond,WA
One and Two Embarcadero Centers, Old Federal Reserve Bank Building - Building Evaluations and Seismic Risk Assessments; San Francisco,CA
Lincoln Court Apartments - Construction Review; Larkspur,CA
Apple Creek Condominiums - Pre-Loan Construction Review; Santa Rosa,CA
Berkeley Low Income Housing - Investigation and Construction Evaluation; Berkeley,CA
3Com Corporate Offices - Construction Document Review; Redwood City,CA
Centrum Office Complex - Construction Document Review; Redwood City,CA
550 California Street & 635 Sacramento Street - Construction Review and Seismic Survey; San Francisco,CA
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Bidding and Construction:

Construction Review

Westlake Center
Seattle, WA