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Portfolio: Project Details

Energy Efficient Projects
Reno U.S. Courthouse & Carson City Federal Building
Reno & Carson City, NV
Interactive Resources was tasked with determining the most advantageous way to conserve energy and water at two federal buildings in Nevada, the Bruce R. Thompson U.S. Courthouse in Reno and the Carson City Federal Building.  The study included an evaluation of numerous options, including calcu-
lating the potential energy savings, the estimated
construction costs and the payback period for each option.

Based on the results of the studies, Interactive Resources prepared construction documents for energy and water saving projects at both buildings including totaling over $4 million in construction cost:

At the Carson City Federal Building

  • Replacing the curtain wall on the exterior of the building to a more energy-efficient system
  • Replacing the interior lighting system to an advanced energy-efficient system including occupancy sensors and daylighting controls on all fixtures
  • A new photovoltaic power generation system on the roof of the building
  • A new solar water heating system for domestic water use
  • Increasing insulation at the roof-ceiling system
  • Replacing the parking lot lighting system

At the Bruce R. Thompson U.S. Courthouse

  • Retrofits to the interior lighting system
  • Retrofits to garage lighting system
  • Upgrading the building automation system
  • Replacing the boiler
  • A new solar hot water system
  • Replacing plumbing fixtures to more water conserving models